Photo by Jonathan Weiskopf

poems to my father during a period of estrangement

“Poems to My Father During a Period of Estrangement”
multimedia solo performance
created and performed by Krystal Banzon

Directors' Weekend
Women Center Stage 2012 Festival

Excerpt from review by Teresa Carpenter,
"Saw a remarkable performance this weekend past. A young playwright, Krystal Banzon, performed her own short work at The Living Theater, 21 Clinton Street. Lower East Side. Her protagonist plays an applicant seeking a job at a high-powered corporation (of unspecified purpose or function.) She does her high-stakes song and dance while fighting down a panic attack. Very effective portrayal of a young person who is hyper-educated, accomplished at everything, yet broke and desperate."

Excerpt from performance:
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, thank you for seeing me today, I understand that your schedules are busy – these are copies of my resume. If you could each take one of these and pass it around… As you can see, I hold a masters from New York University, and I believe my experience and skills will be a perfect match for ANY position that ANYONE has open. I’m sure that your core values – integrity, excellence, diversity (wink!) make ME an IDEAL candidate for a position with your company/non profit/corporation/organization/team/production/NGO/startup.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen I'm sorry to bother you my name is Krystal and I'm homeless. I don’t drink I don’t do drugs i'm just hungry and if any of you good people can spare some change or something to eat I would be very grateful thank you. Change? sister, change, miss? Change? Thank you, sir, god bless you. God bless you. Change? Change? Spare some change? Change? Change? Change change change change change? Career change?

Spare some change. Spare some change. Spare some CHAANNGE!!!! I. need. Change.


writer, director, performer
multimedia, performance, solo