the traumas that afflict a wandering tribe

“the traumas that afflict a wandering tribe”
(a)live video and performance/installation
by Krystal Banzon

“the traumas that afflict a wandering tribe” is a performance/installation that depicts the traumas of colonization and displacement.

Inspired by my family’s immigration to the United States and my own experience with identity and dislocation, I am using my Filipina female body as the projection surface on to which the images will be projected. By using myself as the canvas, I attempt to illustrate the brown, foreign, female, and queer body as a place where the wounds of history and colonization are carved and internalized.

The installation explores both the painful and empowering aspects of the creation and definition of self through the actions and memories of the past. As one generation’s choices affect the next generation, “traumas” also shows healing through intergenerational remembering and the re/claiming of history and culture.

This piece was performed live at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia.

Performance, Installation, Projection, Body